Newly Ordained

The gospel group Newly Ordained is comprised with the composing, singing, and writing talents of Carl Porter, Juan Rogers, Michael Russaw, and Roger Sims. These men together bring contemporary blues, jazz, and spiritually uplifting music that appeals to every ethnic group, every socioeconomic class, and every age from old to young!

Have you watched and listened to their stories? Oh my God! In some way or another each has respectively benefitted from God’s grace, forgiveness, mercy, patience, and healing! Newly Ordained emerges as one of today’s most spiritually rooted groups in the country! A group with messages that amplify God’s promises and HIS Word!

Are you ready to be delivered from an addiction, sickness, double-mindedness, and yourself? If you think God is not for you, Newly Ordained has good news for you!

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Carl Porter

God said, "Go now"!

Carl has attended church all of his life. His mother is credited for assuring that her children went to church and learned the ways of God! Carl has kept himself busy singing and organizing concerts and other musical events for churches and venues. He is a prolific writer and music composer with a nature passion for the welfare of others. People that know Carl say that he is one of the kindest and most generous friend one could ever have. “If he knew you were struggling and he only had $10, he would give you 7 and keep 3 for himself”.

Growing up in the church re-enforced his faith…surpassing it beyond a general understanding! There was an incident where Carl had been working on and planning an event at church. Although, he was not feeling well, he compensated by taking over-the-counter medications to keep-on task and on track. Very cannily, satan was just as busy trying to still Carl’s life!

Early, one morning as Carl arose and prepared to go into the shower, he felt himself weaker and dizzy. His vision was blurred to a point near blindness. Anxiously, he began calling friends and relatives to take him to the hospital. Because he couldn’t reach anyone, he was nearly to a state of panic. Then, Carl heard the voice of GOD saying, “GO NOW”! Without hesitation, he unconsciously grabbed his car keys, using his hands as guides…he got behind the wheel of his car. Once inside of his car, he spoke back to GOD and said, “Lord, I can’t see”…but, he proceeded to drive as God graciously illuminated the yellow lines and the emergency room sign to safely guide him into the hospital.

Carl recalls being visited by two Angels who only advised him to, “Sleep”. After a couple of days, Carl was awakened by a doctor who told him that he was lucky to have gotten to the hospital in time! To which Carl responded, “No, I am blessed”! Carl had been taking sinus and cold medicines unaware that they were elevating his blood pressure. He later learned that his blood pressure was 255 over 188. The spirit of God is real! Trust in God and HE shall deliver you! Daniel 3:28 “Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who hath sent his angel, and delivered his servants that trusted in HIM”. Carl is honored that God has chosen him and spared him to bless others through the ministry of music. He plans to spend the rest of his life writing, singing, and praising GOD in song!

Michael Russaw

"A Promise to God"

At the tender age of 7, Michael Russaw was blessed with the talent to sing! “Yes, Jesus loves me…cause the bible tells me so” is a song that reminds at the forefront of his mind, even today!

By age 11, Michael was signing both gospel and rhythm & blues. At 19, he was singing with the Five Special until he got a call from the legendary Dramatics to replace lead singer. Shortly, afterwards, the group changed their name to The Theatrics.

Michael, like many entertainers was more than tempted by satan’s off-stage treats: women, wine, and drugs! Not only was he caught up, he was eventually swept up into a life of eventual heartaches and heart-breaks! In addition to losing his wife, Michael almost lost his life! For years, his brothers and sisters’ attempts at intervention failed.

By 1991, Michael’s life had spiraled so out of control that he turned his back on everything and everyone that he loved…including God! While trying to sell drugs, Michael was arrested! His arrest was the ultimate intervention! God pulled him out, put him away, cleaned him up, and gave him a new start!

For the next ten years, Michael gave himself to God and allowed God to transition him back into a life of living without drugs and alcohol. However, satan did not willingly let Michael go! Michael admits he slipped twice, but God did not let him fall. Michael Russaw stands before the world as a living testimony to what GOD WILL DO if you live in obedience and dedicate yourself to learning God’s word. Michael was fed and empowered through the WORD of GOD! Additionally, God gave him a new bride and repaired his relationship with his children.

Before letting go and letting God, Michael had been:
• In and out of jail!
• In and out of drug rehabilitation centers
• In and out of mental institutions
• Homeless
• At the brink of death without salvation

When Michael finally hit rock bottom and found himself out of options, he made up his mind to totally submit himself to God! Make Jesus your choice He'll work miracles in your life.

Matthew 6:34 - "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all its righteousness, all other things will be added to you".

"When I started to sing again I made God a promise that I would only sing for His glory and He led me to this powerful ministry Newly Ordained." My prayer for everyone is to know that no matter what you've done when you confess your sins and repent; God will throw your sin into the sea of forgetfulness because HE loves YOU in spite of! My message of salvation is simply put: JESUS SAVES! GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU!

Native of River Rouge, MI

Juan Rogers

"God is for Everyone"

Juan Rogers shares a life story similar to many Christians around the world! Often, we look at believers and followers and think that a relationship with God and Jesus is for everyone else, but us! Juan was fortunate in that beginning in his second through eighth grade years at Our Lady of Lourdes he began singing under the tutelage of Sister John Raphael. He would continue singing at River Rouge High School under the musical direction of Mrs. Judith Lynem.

Juan"s relationship with God begin to transition when without ever applying, he was accepted into the prestigious Oral Roberts University. Juan was challenged by his mother to go, and going changed his life. Attributing that invitation to "divine intervention", Juan remember shrugging off an invitation to a revival on campus to go play basketball. Feeling rather lonely because his friends were all at the revival, he decided to go and he quietly eased his way into the auditorium. In the midst of the service, the minister began to speak, and he said, "That young man you were praying for is here. He is here tonight". Consequently, Juan gave his life to Christ that night!

Juan began to sing with Soul's A Fire gospel group which gave him the opportunity to travel and minister throughout the country spreading the Word of God. Juan credits those experiences as paramount to his spiritual connection with God and the Christian he is today. For 25 years, Juan sang with the gospel quartet, the Message, and ministered and sang throughout the State of Michigan. In 2010, Juan says it was divine intervention that blessed him with the opportunity to partner, minister, and with the group, Newly Ordained.

Juan has served as a substitute teacher and is a retiree of the River Rouge Fire Department.

Motto: Our mission is to sing and spread the Word of God throughout all the nations.

Birth date: October 16th , 1955

Rodger Sims

“Tried, Tested & Delivered”

Rodger represents the epitome of a Christian who’s come to realize that he can do all things through Christ that strengthens him. Rodger was a self-described, “good-guy bad-guy”. What did that mean? You could say, Rodger was a man of means…by any means necessary, he was determined to get the things that he wanted and desired. “Sometimes when you concentrate on material things, you get sidetracked and distracted from your true purpose and blessings”.

Rodger was a good-guy in the sense that he was raised in the church. He knew and loved the ways and word of God. However, he was a bad-guy because he aggressively participated in things that he knew were contrary to God’s plan and will for man, and for him. Rodger has travelled to the pyramids of Egypt, sailed the Sea of Galilee, and was baptized in the River of Jordan!

Rodger stayed busy making money and traveling until the rules of the worldly games begin to change. He found himself in unprovoked situations where he was either getting shot at or threatened. The fullness of his spiritual consciousness began to take form and he permanently gave up his life in the streets and took a job at Kroger. In less than a year, Rodger was promoted to shipping and receiving manager.

In 2005, a freak slip-and-fall on the job changed Rodger’s life forever. Believing that his fall was superficial, Rodger got up, brushed himself off, and went to a concert that same night. By the end of the concert, he could barely move his right leg. The next morning, the stiffness, pain and soreness got worst. He saw a Kroger’s doctor who told him that he had a torn MCL and ACL ligament in his knee, an irreparable rotor-cuff, and a sprained neck. He was also warned that if he went to an outside doctor for a second opinion that his medical benefits would be cut.

For 3 months, Rodger suffered in excruciating pain and progressively begin losing physical mobility and the use of his right side. Ashamed of his disposition from his injury, and disgusted with the way he was being treated by his employers, Rodger became depressed and withdrawn. Instead of praying, he became angry…mad at the world, even God!

A close relative and friend heard about Rodger’s condition and challenged him to engage his faith in God. He also demanded that Rodger keep an appointment with a medical specialist he’d arranged for him. Encouraged by his cousin’s visit, Rodger went to see the surgeon only to learn that he had sustained a broken neck whereby his C3 vertebrate was cracked, and chips of bone from his C4 had splintered off into his nervous system (3 months earlier). If Rodger had coughed or sneezed hard enough, he could have been paralyzed for the rest of his life.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Rodger also learned that the surgery was $100,000 and that afterwards, he would never sing again or be mobile without the assistance of a walker or wheelchair. Again, Rodger’s faith and hope were instantaneously crushed!

One by one, God begin to put people into Rodger’s life that helped him engaged and step-out on his faith! His cousin paid the surgeon! God gave Rodger back to use of his right side and of his voice! A year passed and Rodger was praying…asking God, “what am I going to do with the rest of my life?” Rodger says, God sent the answer through an estranged friend, Carl Porter who showed up and said, “Man, Newly Ordained needs your voice. Come sing for the Lord”.

And, to God, Rodger gives the “glory for God’s mercy endureth forever”.

Have you been searching for gospel music that will remind you to delight yourself in the Lord thine God so that HE can restore your joy? Are you ready to receive and feel the love of God again?

Newly Ordained emerges as one of the most spiritualy prophetic male gospel groups in the world to share good news... "God will take care of me and you"!

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